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Two awesome bloggers unite to bring you exclusive blog tours! Say What? Savannah Mae & I Feel The Need, The Need To Read have teamed up to maximize the blog tour fun. Visit our site to check out current tours, author features and awesome books!

Details & What To Expect on Tour

Tour de Blogg is your premier blog tour service.

It all started with a passion. I began Say What? Savannah Mae in March 2013. Little did I know that it would grow to be what it is just several months later. For this I am grateful. While promoting on Facebook, I ran into Angela. Angela is the owner of I Feel The Need, The Need To Read. We quickly became friends and have partnered up to bring authors like you the most exclusive of blog tours.

Tour de Blogg is a one-of-a-kind tour you won't find anywhere else. Yes, there are lots of great bloggers out there and we have lots of blogger friends.  

Blog Tours & Promotions with Savannah & Angela $399.00

  • Book Reviews
  • Excerpts/teasers 
  • Written interview (prepared for bloggers)
  • Live recorded interview on I Have Something to Say Live    
  • Guest Blog Posts by author   
  • Author Spotlight/Promo Posts   
  • Giveaway   
  • “See who is on tour” newsletter mention in Say What?  Savannah Mae & Reader Views (or RebeccasReads)   
  • Quarter page listing in eCatalog with First Chapter Plus for  one month

Details and what to expect:

Book Reviews: The most cost-efficient way is to gift a copy of your book either via Kindle or  Nook Book if you do not have mobi/epub/pdf files of your book. You may limit  the number of paperback books that you want to offer to bloggers to the “first  5 people who sign up for the tour” or whatever quantity that you choose.

Excerpts/Teasers: Author will provide selected excerpts or teasers or the first full chapter of  the book to intrigue the reader. This can be as much as you wish to offer your  target audience.

Guest Blog Posts: It is suggested to create several (5-8) unique topics of conversation in the form of  a blog post for bloggers to use. This is a fun way to socialize with your  audience and be available to respond to comments as they come in. Upgrades available  for ghost writing, see below.

Interview –  Written: A 5 question written interview will be prepared prior to the  tour for bloggers to post. Bloggers will also have the option to send their own  questions to the author for a specialized interview.

Interview –  Recorded: a post about the live interview on with  podcast posting on the website. Link will be included for blogger use  throughout the tour.

EXCLUSIVE! First  Chapter Plus eCatalog Listing: Included in your tour will be a quarter  page listing in the ecatalog coordinated with blog tour. FCP ecatalog blasts  out to more than 35,000 readers, bloggers, librarians and book stores. What an  excellent way to reach even more people while you are on tour! Upgrades available.

Giveaway: The author will select and provide a giveaway prize for the tour.  Entries will be accepted throughout. Rafflecopter codes will be given to the  bloggers for use on their blog posts and social media. At the end of the tour,  the giveaway winner will be selected. Author can give away anything from a  signed copy of their book, promo items, gift cards to Amazon/Barnes & Noble  etc. Multiple prizes attract a lot of attention. There will not be a limit on   prize contents however there will be a limit of 2 winners max per blog tour.

Any author who does not have a fan page on Facebook or  Twitter can get with Savannah or Angela to get social media set up and managed with an additional upgrade fee. We realize that everyone is not social media savvy  and we are prepared to help get you on board.

All blog tours will have20+ stops minimum with an  expected tour length ranging from 2-5 weeks, depending on participant sign ups.  Tours will not be limited to 20 stops, but will not be guaranteed more than 20. Anything over and beyond is a super bonus.

All blog tour stops will include social media mentions. Most  bloggers have their blogs set to post automatically. These posts will be shared  and maximize social media attention. Some bloggers may even make book covers  their profile pictures and other fun things like this.

Bloggers are fun people and critical to your success! Take  your book on tour with Tour de Blogg!

Add-on options:

Book Trailer  Newsletter Feature: book trailer posted on Reader Views index and feature  in newsletter as well as Say What? Savannah Mae newsletter +$40

FCP Listing upgrades:
  Half page listing +$25
  Full page listing +$50

Social Media Admin Support for duration of tour: +$50

Tour Announcement Press Release – Standard Distribution: +$45

Guest Post Ghost Writing:
5 articles + $50
   Individual +$25 per  article

Interview Upgrade: Convert your book trailer to MP3 and combined  into live interview podcast:
  For narrated  book trailers +$35
  Without  narration + $135

Can't afford the tour right now? No problem! Submit the tour form and Contact us for payment plan options!