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Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain

Faith, Supernatural Beliefs and Our Symbolic Brain
October 20th - November 10 2013

We have been endowed with a symbolic brain that helps us adapt to and survive in our natural and man-made worlds. However it is open to both true and false beliefs both of which have impacts on our well-being. Supernatural beliefs may lead to disastrous consequences but continue to exist because they actually serve human survival through their reliance on faith and reduction of stress. So our symbolic brain's readiness for supernatural beliefs is a mixed blessing-but a blessing nevertheless.

Listen to the live interview with Dr. Kagan, hosted by Susan Violante of I Have Something To Say Live


Author Bio

Dr. Herman Kagan - The author is a retired clinical psychologist with a California license who specialized in the area of childhood trauma and abuse. He directed, for 18 years, a support/treatment group for children and families experiencing sexual abuse. He also was involved in creating a sexual abuse prevention program for elementary schools.

After he retired he began writing to leave an information legacy for his grandchildren about how people react to good and bad situations and what systems are involved. Two books resulted from his writing, namely: "The Psychological Immune System" and the current book listed. His main goal is to figure out what human actions are innate, what are learned and why we act so contradictory.