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Innocent War

Innocent War

Book Blitz November 29th-December 3rd

Based on the taped memoirs Susan Violante received from Nino, her father, Innocent War is a boy's adventure showing a child's point of view through the war's hardships, dangers, and tragedies, combined with his own humor, innocence, and awakening as he grows up. Join Susan as she gets to know her father, and finds herself within the family she thought she knew.

What readers are saying...

"...compelling, entertaining, and informative...a pointed message of patriotism, perseverance, integrity, and an awakening... a heartwarming glimpse into humanity at its worst and at its best."--Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (4/11)

A resonating novel that transports the readers to a place and time uniquely tied to Italy... a great book for all Italian Americans to read as it stands as a tribute, not just to Violante's father, but to all children of war." --Primo Magazine

"...From the innocence of childhood to his troubled teens, Nino's adventures are told from a child's point of view...a heartwarming  story that will give the reader a unique perspective of the horrors of WWII in Italy, and which gave her a deeper understanding of herself and her family." - The Italian Tribune.

From the Author


Innocent War (revised edition): Behind and Immigrant Past Book 1 came out of my desire to get to know my father better. The story I found about his childhood changed my life. I now I understand so many things about my own childhood, as I realized I was growing up under parents suffering from P.T.S.D. I also went from not relating to my parents to having a great relationship with them. When I published Innocent War in 2009, I rushed it as my father had just had brain surgery, and I wanted him to see it published. I came out with the revised edition to correct some production errors due to the rush and present the reader with a better product. I also enriched the end as new insights came to me through conversations with my father. I am happy to say, that my father has also enjoyed this new edition...

I decided to write it on my father's child voice and point of view because that is how I Imagined the story as I listened to his tapes. My goal of getting to know my father was accomplished when I listened to him. I hope that by sharing his story, and mine as I got to know him, I will inspire all of you to share yours with anyone who will listen. Because sharing life lessons can change the world for the better, one person at a time. - Susan Violante