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Two awesome bloggers unite to bring you exclusive blog tours! Say What? Savannah Mae & I Feel The Need, The Need To Read have teamed up to maximize the blog tour fun. Visit our site to check out current tours, author features and awesome books!

Installment Plans

We know that money doesn't grow on trees. Tour de Blogg offers options for making it easier on your wallet. Don't let budgeting issues stand in your way of booking your tour TODAY! Read over the following form and we can set up a payment plan according to your budget needs.  

*Please note that we cannot schedule a tour until the tour is paid for. Due to costs of overhead for each tour, our vendors expect payment up front.  

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By selecting a payment plan, you agree to make the agreed payments as mentioned below until the services you have selected have been paid in full. There are no refunds on any payments submitted. We will begin to work on your tour however it will not have an official schedule until the full payment is received. If your remaining balance is less than the agreed monthly payment, you will only pay that amount. We will not collect more than the total balance of services selected for your tour.
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I want to book my tour! I am requesting an installment plan according to the terms above. I understand there will not be any refunds on any payments in the event that I decide to not continue with my tour. I also understand by making installment plan payments, my tour will be scheduled as soon as the balance has been satisfied. I understand that acceptable forms of payment will be PayPal, check or money order. **Please make any check or money order payments payable to Say What? Savannah Mae**